Paragliding tandem flights Bovec

Fly like a bird and rising with the thermals. To see the Soča valley-Bovec from the most beautiful place. One of mans oldest dreams can be fulfilled through a paragliding tandem flight. This will be an unforgettable experience you will remember for a long time.

You don’t need any previous knowledge for Paragliding.
Experience the best adventure activity.

Paragliding Season:
Winter, summer, anytime! You can explore the skies of Bovec above Soča riverParagliding Locations:

Depends from the wind direction we are going to the most suitable Take-off spot. Driving to the mountain or going up with cable car. We are mainly flying from Mangart and Kanin.

Paragliding Preparation:
After reaching the take-off on the mountain, I will prepare for you the special paraglider for two persons. Your harness and helmet will be properly fitted and I will explaine you, how to take off safely. After a short test run, you and I will be attached together to the paraglider. After a final safety check we are ready to fly.

Paragliding Start/Take-Off:
When the wind conditions are right, I will lift the paraglider up in the air and after a few steps we will gently be lifted into the air and off the mountain.

Paragliding Flight:
The Dream of flying now begins. You are sitting comfortably in the harness and experience the freedom of flight. We will be using thermals to gain elevation and if we are lucky we can fly together with eagles. With every meter we rise the view will be even more incredible. As the world below becomes smaller, your every day problems disappear and your mind is set free.


Paragliding Air time:
Highly depends of the conditions and location, it is between 20-40min.

Paragliding Landing: 

After a wonderful flight we prepare for landing. We need to take the proper position in the harness and the I will steer the paraglider to a gentle landing. As we touch ground softly you will be overjoyed that your dream of flying has come true.

Paragliding in Winter-Spring:
If flying from Kanin, take-off and landing is possible to make with skies.

Paragliding Requirements:
As a passenger you need good shoes (running shoes are good, no sandals) and appropriate clothing (long pants and a wind jacket or pullover).Passengers ideal weight is between 20 – 100 Kg. Persons over this weight may fly after clearance with the pilot. This activity is not recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women. When having health issues, please consult with a guide.

Come on! Enjoy the nature with me!

Hike and Fly

For those most adventurous people out there or hiking lovers who prefer to fly down instead of walking, or those who like to experience the nature even closer, we are hiking up on Mulatieras, the old mountain trails build by soldiers in the World War, to one of the local mountains on eco fuel 😉 Carrying the glider on our back, hiking between 2-3 hours, depends of the location. And finally enjoying the descent trough the air. This is how paragliding actually started.


Price per person €170

Hike and fly:
half day 280eur, full day 380eur

Price includes:
Guiding fee
Transport during trip
Tandem Pilot expenses (lifts)