Ice Climbing around Bovec

If you want to climb up the frozen waterfalls, write me, and I will take you to some secret frozen waterfalls in the area. Everyone can do it and it’s a unique experience. It’s a must try activity in winter. In summer canyoning in winter ice climbing, same locations but different aggregate state of the water.

No previous experience needed.

Mainly from December to March and ofcourse depends of the conditions.

Waterfalls around the national park or artificially made waterfalls.

Before the climb:
After a short drive and hike to the closest waterfall, we will give you equipment needed to hit the vertical ice. You will be thought how to use the equipment properly and safely. And tips and tricks to climb harder with less effort.

Hitting the ice axe and the crampons in the ice is a unique feeling, technique and trust will bring you much further than big biceps. Climbing between 10-30m waterfalls on top rope. So ones you have enough, simply sit back in your harness and you will be lowered down safely. Of course we are adapting the difficulty to your experience and physical fitness.

Experience showed us, that between 3-4 hours, our guests had their arms so tired, that they couldn’t hold the ice axe any more.

Warm high heel hiking boots, warm clothing, down jacket, rain jacket, warm gloves, hat. The rest of equipment is provided by us (ice axes, crampons, harnesses, helmets, ropes,…).

Prices per person
Group of 1 €180
Group of 2 €90
Group of 3 €70 
Group of 4 €60

Price includes:

  • Guiding fee
  • Transport during the trip

This activity is not recommended for people with heart issues or pregnant women. When having health issues, please consult with a guide.

ice climbing
ice climbing
ice climbing

Come on! Enjoy the nature with me!